Q. Is is true that you're emo?

A. WHAT?!?! NO!!! Whoever said that (Andrew & Garrett) is wrong! I'm gonna kill them! (jk) I'm sick and tired of people saying that stuff about me!

Q. How old are you?

A. I'm not telling. End of story.

Q. Can you at least give us a hint?

A. Fine. I was born around the '90s

Q. Do you read Twilight?

A. TWILIGHT?! HAH! Twilight is a disgrace to this world. The movie is even worse. Have you seen the guy that plays the vampire guy?! He looks like he's on drugs!

Q. Why don't you like Twilight?

A. The book and the movie is cheesy. I was reading a litle sentence from Twilight (my friend dared me. She knows how much I hate Twilight) and it goes like this, "And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect of our forever..." BLEGH!!!

Q. Why can't I go on Austin's website?

A. I don't know. He told me that Weebly deleted him. But Austin has a new website: www.imadeaweb.weebly.com

Q. Why does it smell?

A. Sorry. My cat just farted.

Q. Is it true that you like pandas?

A. Yup! And I'm proud! You better not steal the panda(giant) from me! (Nini)