Michael Jackson 1958-2009 :(


As you all might have heard, Michael Jackson is dead. I can't believe it! You might think he is just an ugly, used to be black but now white, crazy, weird man but he was an AMAZING entertainer! I mean, he created the Moonwalk!

People still don't know what he died from but all I know is that he died from cardio arrest (i have no idea what that is). People are suspecting that he took some drugs that is supposed to make you fall asleep or something but it is too powerful and that drug is not supposed to leave the hospital. Doctors aren't even supposed to prescript those drugs to ANYONE! They are only supposed to be used for surgery and surgery only!

Whoever was that stupid doctor that prescripted Michael Jackson that drug has gotta die! Anyway, Michael Jackson will be remembered for a LOOOOONG time.

~Lily the Great

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